Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday Muser's Mad Question Time Myself - Secret Girl Crush

Good morning, folks. It seems I have misplaced my guest again or, perhaps my question this week has her running for cover. I have to admit it is a tad naughty. It all stems from a tongue in cheek conversation I had with a friend a couple of years back. We were playing trivial pursuit and, quite calmly, she stated , if she was a lesbian, then Angelina Jolie woould be her chosen partner. You can imagine the hilarious debate that followed. So, that was the question I posed to my guest. I shall now pose it to myself. If I were to have a girl crush, who would it be?I must be clear; when I say crush, I don't mean in a sexual context but, rather, a woman with whom we are attracted to for what ever reason. I am greedy. I have picked three.

My first and long time girl crush is Uma Thurman. When I saw her kick ass in Kill Bill, I was hooked. I love the fact that she is not pretty pretty but is so attractive, not to mention a great actress.

Second - has to be Lady Gaga. How how I would love to hang out with her. What fun we would have. I admire her talent, her style but, above all, I love her sense of humour and tongue n cheek approach to life and herself.

Last but not least - Stevie Nicks. My favouite female artist of all time and writer and singer of many amazing songs. Sixty two years old and still so gorgeous and still making wonderful music. Stevie - I salute you.

So come on, folks; own up. Who is your secret girl crush? This question is also open to any of you lovely gay men out there. If you had one day to be staright - who would you want to be straight with? I am so looking forward to the answers on this one.



  1. Wow! What a subject, but one that had me running to the comment section. There are a lot of women I admire, but mostly women who would go where no woman had gone before. Émilie du Châtelet, intellectual companion and lover to Voltaire. She is the only person to do a total translation of Newton's Principia from Latin into French. Margaret Brent was the first woman lawyer coming over to America from England. She appeared before the provincial court to file suits against her own debtors and to plead cases for others. Elizabeth Blackwell was America's first female doctor. She was a champion of women's rights all her life. Now if it's just for sheer legs, give me Betty Grable.

  2. Wow, that question was probably farthest from my mind. I absolutely love Barbra streisand. Her voice is to die for. I love to sing, and let me tell you, people wish I wouldn't, but what I'd give for a voice like hers. Not to mention her songs, they're so romantic.

  3. Bette Davis!

  4. Cleopatra. Boudica. Natalie Wood.

  5. Elizabeth Taylor. I fell in love with her with National Velvet. We are the same age so I think we were 12 or 13 at the time.
    We are speaking purely platonic here, aren't we?
    J. rose Knight (joan)

  6. interesting choices, ladies {and gents]

  7. Interesting question, Viviane. My mind is churning...and it hits on older movie stars...when I was a kid and watched these beautiful women, like Kathryn Hepburn,Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Maureen O'Hara, and yes, lovely Betty Davis (someone mentioned a couple of these women)...they were icons, models of our society (like the women stars are today).
    They were untouchable, lovely, intelligent, gritty, and immortal in their movies.

  8. Well for oldies, i would have to go with Vivian Leigh. I really don' tthink they make them like that anymore. Classy ladies.

  9. It sounds that some commenters have taken this as more a question about whom they admire. Others have commented on purely physical beauty.

    Viviane Leigh--I agree Viv. Audrey Hepburn was amazing as well.

    As for admiration--Oprah Winfrey for the amazing amount of work she has done on behalf of worthy causes as well as the lifting up of women and their concerns.

    Any woman who has led the good fight to achieve in a largely male dominated powerbased society. Each of us stand on their strong shoulders. Women who live their lives day in and out without kudos, the spolight or glamour of fame, yet still manage to hold the world together through seer determination and tenacity.

    Great question that gets us all thinking.


    Christine London

  10. Great choices, Viv! I'd love to inherit Stevie Nicks' amazing wardrobe - apart from the platform boots - and she's been an inspiration for my fiction before now, if only she knew it...

  11. Great choices!

    Mine: Ashley Judd (just watched "Helen" and was completely out-of-this-world impressed), Natalie Portman (stunning, and a good actress!), Marya Hornbacher (my writing idol), and Oprah (amazing rags-to-riches story). :)