Saturday, 14 April 2012


Kalo Pasxa to all, {happy Easter to all}

So, here I am in Glasgow, loving it but still missing Corfu, especially at this magical time that is Orthodox easter. Instead of preparing to head into town for the wonderful celebrations that take place on my beloved island, I decided to re-vamp my blog {again}.
  The past three months have been a little hectic for me, what with the move {albeit temporary}to this wonderful northern city, dear auld Glasgae toon. I love it. I always have. It was where I spent my childhood. I admit, I was a little sceptical when I decided to come 'home'. Would I still feel the same? Was it a case of hanging on to memories and would the reality be disappointing? Not at all. If anything, now through the eyes of an adult {and I use the term loosely}, I fell in love all over again. Apart from the wonderful fish and chips, there is so much to like - especially the west end, my old childhood playground. For me, it all centres around the river Kelvin.
 It is a wonderful place for walks, running from near my house to the city centre, taking in the architectural brilliance of the university and museam and art gallery but more of this city and Scotland in later blogs.
For the loyal souls who follow my ramblings, I did promise, following the success of the Jimmy Thomas interview, that I would be hosting a series of interviews called Men at Work and this I mean to do, beginning this week. I just have to find a poor, unsuspecting victim to interrogate. I am hoping to end the series by interviewing a reallife close protection agent to tie in with the release of my next novel, Past Undone. The reason for this will become clear in the following weeks when the characters from Past will be dropping by the blog to present their take on the events unfolding in their story. They will also take questions from their audience. 
  Meanwhile, I leave you with a wonderful shot of Corfu at easter.