Saturday, 5 June 2010

Anyone for Tennis and I need inspiration.

So I await , with bated breath, the rematch between Rafa and Soderling. May the best man win...and long as it is Nadal.
So what's been happening this week?
Took second swim of the season, only to nearly die of heart attack when I thought I was being pursued by a shark. I never hit shore so fast. [da du...da du...dadadadadadad}.Turns out it was only a dolphin and now I am regretting my hasty flight. 25 years on Corfu and it's the first time I have seen one so close, although I know they are always out there. Poor thing. I think my friends and I scared him off.
This week saw the start of yet another diet. I have come to realise food is what makes one put on weight so best not eat any. Gin, on the other hand, served with slim-line tonic, is ok.It sort of takes the edge off starvation. I am not a drinker, I hasten to add. In fact my capacity for alcohol is so low I have become somewhat of a joke amongst my wine-swilling friends.
Went to see Sex and the City. Sorry, but I wouldn't stay in that hotel if you paid me. And is it me or did anyone else want to seriously slap Carrie Bradshaw? Bring on Robin Hood and Mr. Crow.
Oh - and wasn't the Eurovision Song Contest fun? it's worth it for the outfits. Greece did ok but poor old UK. Here's an idea, you Brit organisers. Next year, send George Michael or Robbie Williams.
In my parallel author world,I am suffering a huge dilemna. My hands and brain matter is itching to get to work on a new wip but I have about five projects spinning around in my head and don't know which one to go for. I really envy authors that just go for it. I need inspiration. A lot of times, a song will inspire me, plant the seed, so to speak. It may be one simple lyric, the depth of emotion behind the singer's delivery. My first pubbed novel, Letting Go, was inspired by such a song, 'Mine' a song from the first Savage Garden album. Even now I cry when I listen to Darren Hayes emotional lyrics. The sentiment behind the song helped me shape the character of Daniel.
Sometimes inspiration comes to me in a dream but all I seem to dream about these days are planes taking off between high rise buildings and crashing back down? Any dream intepreters out there?
Lying on a beach. listening to the gentle rolling of surf works. I am lulled into a dream-state, where I can imagine all sorts of.... ok, best not go there. Signing out. Think I'll go to the beach.