Thursday, 17 February 2011


Bonjour, Kalimera and welcome,
And so another week passes and, I am pleased to say, it’s been productive. Two reviews and an interview up on my various social network sites, future blogs and interview questions sent off and the mastering of PowerPoint {ish}. My greatest week’s achievement, however, is that I have managed to steam ahead on my work in progress. It really was beginning to drag me down. This work is a tad out of my comfort zone; still romance but with certain plot twists that had me struggling. All I can say is hats off to all you suspense/mystery writers out there. I will not be giving up my day job anytime soon.
Ah, what a nice lead in to my next topic. Writing – career or hobby. Recently the question was put to me, am I reaping financial benefits from all my hours of slog? I had to answer, not yet but I do hope to in the future. My friend’s response to this was, so really, your writing is just a hobby. This wasn’t said in a disparaging way but it made me think, is it a reflection of modern day society when success is judged on financial gain? As a writer, I feel far from unsuccessful. I have written and had four novels published with plenty more, I hope, to come. For me, I feel such a thrill when I received a positive review, perhaps more than if I receive news of a sale. I never went into this game expecting to come out JK Rowling rich, although it would be nice. In fact, I was so not into financial reward, I let all my friends read my manuscripts for free. That, I no longer do. Hey, they can buy the book like everyone else. Do I give my books as gifts? I have done on occasion and usually to a special few close friends. I know they probably won’t read them {these friends tend to be guys and not really into romance} but it was more about finding a personal gift. What can be more personal than my thoughts, feelings expressed on paper?
And so on to Valentine’s week. Needless to say, I received the same gift I receive every year; a big fat nothing. I think Rafa would have gone out and bought me something but he’d spent all his pocket money on sunflower seeds. Being the week of love, it got me thinking it was time for one of my Top Tens. I thought, this week, I would post what I consider to be the top ten most romantic love songs of all time. A daunting task because I could list a hundred. Let’s face it; everyone has a personal favourite, one that will evoke memories of one’s first love, first kiss, their wedding day. Some of my choices have been covered by many different artists, in some cases well and some disastrously. Where I can, I will include a cover version that I feel did a fairly good job. So, I think I will make this interesting. The songs will be listed in no order of my personal preference but, anyone who can list what they think is my own top three {in order of my preference} will win a free download copy of Dreamweek – the prequel to Fragile Dreams. Closing date will be tomorrow 2pm est. time. Please listen to all the songs first and then post a comment with your answer. I would love to hear your thoughts. Til next week, get out the tissues and let’s have a good romantic weep.

1} Run Snow Patrol :
Run Leona Lewis {cover}

2} First Time Ever I saw your Face - Roberta Flack
First time Ever -Leona Lewis:

3} Electricity – Anathema:

4} I Want to know what love is – Foreigner:
{A footnote here. I know Mariah covered it but so badly I refuse to post the link. Some things should be left alone.}

5}Is this Love ? – Whitesnake:

6}Tu M’ Aime Encore – Celine Dion :
Tu M’aime Encore – Il Divo {purely coz they look so GOOD}

7}Knights in White Satin – Moody Blues:
Knights in White Satin – Matt Cardle:

8} It’s Over – Roy Orbison:

9}Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers:
Unchained Melody – Il Divo {again coz they’re hot}

10} Sara – Fleetwood Mac: