Thursday, 3 February 2011


Busy, busy, busy.

It’s been a hectic week over here in sunny/snowy/rainy what the hell is going on with the weather Corfu. I am delighted to say Written in Stone was released on the 1st of the month. Also great news from my publisher. They did extremely well over at the Predators and Editor awards for this year. Congrats to all who carried off a prize.
Great personal news. I received, not one but two very nice reviews for Fragile Dreams
I hope these links work.
It is actually quite difficult having two works released so close together. It’s a bit like trying to divide your time fairly between two children. You love both but who has priority?
Also, this week, I achieved the nigh on impossible. I managed to cut an earlier work of mine from 140, 000 words to just over 90, 000. It took a while and lots of heartache over losing some favourite chapters but I am pleased with the end result. I believe I have created a improvised version. This novel was previously released under the title of Letting Go but will now be re-released with MuseItHot under the new title of Cold, Cold Heart.
AND – I am finally getting to grips with my w.i.p, Past Undone. More info on this later. It is still in creative early stages.

So that’s my news, I think. I am sitting here, slurping at a cup of tea, wondering what I can blog about this week. The previous two topics have been somewhat heavy. I believe it is time for a little frivolity.
Time for another look at ten years out of my life…..but first I want to discuss my favourite kind of hero.
For those of you who have been kind enough to read my books, you will notice one thing my handsome stable of men has in common. They all cry quite a bit. That is not to say they are weak. Au contraire, they are emotionally strong and not afraid to show their feelings. They will, if necessary, die for their loved ones, sacrifice what is most precious to them, maybe even kill…..They are warm, funny and possess boyish charm. They are all kind to animals. They have to be or I would kick their arses from here to eternity.
Example: let’s meet Michael from Fragile Dreams

“You didn’t eat much.”
“Oh you know how it is.” She feigned detachment although her heart raced. This was not the time to ruin the evening. She was having too much fun. “It’s just when I cook… well I tend to taste everything and then….well I’m not hungry and…I have been ill.” Oh God, why had she said it? The words had slipped away from her like a slippery eel on the end of a rod, out of her box of pride. She had no desire to court sympathy, especially his.
His quiet I know caught her square on the chin.
“How?” Her defensive comeback betrayed suspicion.
“I just know.”
Breath froze her lungs. He reached across the pale lilac damask table-cloth and covered her hand with his, touch electric, cool fingers caressing her too-warm skin.
“No one told me.” His tenderness made her head swim. “I can read it in your eyes.”
It wasn’t the answer she’d expected.
“You’re so sad,” he continued, words cradling her senses, soft as goose down. “Tired of life.”
Ellie couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t speak.
He went on, tone seductive. “I understand, you see. I understand because my sister had the same look. She suffered but, like you, she was a fighter. She had strength. I know you too have that strength. Use it. Don’t give up. You will be ok.”
And still he cradled her hand in a cool clasp, thumb tracing snowflake patterns on her palm. It was too surreal and yet his intensity didn’t frighten her. He breathed sincerity.
“She died, didn’t she?”
Pain flickered in his eyes, giving her the answer.
“She did.” His return was unfaltering. “But you won’t.”
“How can you be so sure?” She held his gaze, challenging him to reassure her.
“Because…” He smiled. “I won’t let you.”
Crickets chirped out their symphony, piercing the emotionally layered air. Ellie was all out of logical words. Logic had no place in this dream conversation. “Em….cheesecake?”
The tension fragmented around them, their shared laughter giving Jiminy and company a run for his money. Ellie felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. She was light-headed, free as a bird because….she believed him. He was her salvation.

So, my dear readers, this is the kind of guy who is my hero. Someone who is caring, sensitive – a real man.

And now for a walk down memory lane.

My Top Ten Twenties Moments.

Mmm – this is difficult. So much upheaval in my life: marriage, divorce, moving to Corfu, losing my sister to cancer, another marriage, falling pregnant. I cannot remember exact dates. But let’s concentrate on the fun parts {sorry – pregnancy is not fun}

1} Going to see Superman the Movie in Leicester Square. The moment I lay eyes on Christopher Reeve, I was in love. Kinda weird, seeing I was on my honeymoon.

2} My beautiful black masked silver-blue Afghan puppy, William, winning three championship firsts on his first outing. For any of you who think dog showing is easy, it is not. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into it. Ring craft training, daily exercise to make sure your pooch is in tiptop shape because what is under that magnificent coat is very important. Did I mention the two-hour weekly bath and grooming session? The endless hours on the road? It was great though and the one thing I miss about my life in the UK.

3} Watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller video for the first time. What can I say that has not been said before? Even today, I am enthralled by this dance routine. Will never be one to top it.

4} Watching that historical Borg/McEnroe Wimbledon final. I adored Bjorn and never thought I would find another player to love as much as him but now, of course, I have my Nadal.

5} Fleetwood Mac live at Wembley Arena. Superb. What else can one say about the incredible Stevie Nicks and co?

6} Torvill and Dean winning the gold medal for Ice Dance at the Sarajevo Olympics. Sixes across the board and still one of the most spine-tingling routines ever to grace an ice rink.

7} My first view of Pontikonissi {Mouse Island} from my hotel window. I knew there and then Corfu was the place for me. The Oasis Hotel was where I landed my first job and where I met my hubby to be. Incidentally, 26 years later, I am back working there as receptionist. What can I say? My disco dancing days are over.

8} Hiring out a moped and touring the island with my friend Sara. Back then, Corfu still had many undeveloped beaches, Glyfada being one of them. We arrived there just as the sun was setting. I remember to this day, bathing in that glorious sea, laying after on the warm sand, thinking I was in paradise.

9} Staying up all night with friends and then breakfasting on toast and hot chocolate on the famous Liston of Corfu. We would sit there all day and just watch the world go by.

10} Running around Corfu with my dear friend Wendy Thompson, playing at the Famous Five. How we avoided a term in Corfu’s notorious Psycho ward, I don’t know but then I have come to realize, the inmates of Corfu Psychiatric Hospital are the sane ones. All the nutters – like me – are running loose on the outside. I had a wonderful summer with Wendy, probably because she is on the same wavelength as I am. Crazy! Can’t remember if she was George or Dick.

That’s it, folks. Another insight into my oft-wacky world. Next top ten will my thirties. Oh dear, serious motherhood time. I am sure I will find something nutty to discuss. Live long and prosper, keep the faith and may the force be with you.


Wendy and I in Famous Five mode doing our synchronised swimming routine.

And here I still am....27 years on.