Thursday, 19 May 2011


I have been asked to describe my typical writing day. Oh dear, must I? Okay, confession time. I haul myself out of bed between 10am-10.30 {hey - I watch dvds til 2am}. First chore - on goes the coffee machine. I cannot function without my morning dose of good strong caffeine, all washed down wwith a lovely warm croissant straight from the bakers across the road.

While coffee is brewing, I release my agent from his cage and top up his food bowl. Next, follows the ritual dance where by Sir Maximus runs circles around my feet before settling down on the sofa with he best mates, his cuddly dog and yellow duck. There he will sit and watch CNN for hours.

Time to boot up pc and, with coffee and croissant in hand, I trawl through the mound of emails. Then - its facebook time! No day is complete without checking out the frivolous but often informative world of FB. Mr. Zucherman, I salute you.

That out the way, I will settle down to write any blog posts needed doing before attacking any edits. If I have a completed ms I then get cracking on transfering my illegible notes to Word. A time-consuming task as I am not a red-hot typist. Somewhere between now and 2pm, I release I have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, a mound of laundry falling out of the washing machine and I haven't even considered what to cook - thus earning me, for the fifth year running Crap Mother of the Year award.
{ME - NOT}

When do you actually write, I hear you all ask, as in create? Can you believe when I am work, sitting behind the reception front desk? In those blissful couple of hours when most guests are either siesting or out by the pool, I revel in silence and I can really concentrate.
I suppose, one day, I will have to do some work and give out hotel keys to guests and probably answer the phone from time to time but, until then, I sit back in my chair, pen and pad in hand, create masterpieces
and hang up my Genius at Work sign.
P.S I do hope my boss does not subscribe to my blog.



  1. I love the way your posts always have cute graphics. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm following, even if your boss is not. Your attitude is great, and I need to read more blogs that make me smile.

    Have a great one!

  2. When I get a great idea at work, I pull out my supply catalogues and pretend to write up an order. I look so productive, and can jot that scene down before I lose it!

  3. Sounds like a great lifestyle!

  4. crap mother of the year. lol. great line. my husband would have to alter it to wife of the year. he's got to where he reminds me to pull something out for dinner, early in the morning, so he doesn't have to eat waffles for dinner. he's great. now if i could just talk him into taking over the cooking duties, i'd have it made.

  5. Oh what a life! ;) Maximus certainly has it made - the little cutie with his cuddly dog and yellow duck.

    Love the way you write at work :)

  6. Viv, that's funny, but that first paragraph describes me, too. Although, I do watch tv till 2-3 am I'm making notes and such or doing editing on my story when the commercials come on. That's the only plus at not having the major movie channels. lol