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Monday Muser's Mad Question Time - Marsha Moore

Kalimera from a warm, sunny Corfu,

It is Easter weak - a huge event in the Greek Orthodox calender and Corfu is the place to be. The island is world famous for its spectacular celebrations and throughout the week, I will be posting pics and snippets of information. But on to todays Mad Muser question.

In the Hot seat, we have Marsha Moore, Muse It's very own 'mermaid' so who better than to answer my fun question...

Walt Disney comes back from the dead and is disgusted with the movies being produced in his name. He appoints you the task of revamping…yes, you guess it….The little Mermaid and making it a real-life movie as opposed to animated. What present day movie stars would you use to play a} Ariel b} Prince Eric and {have fun with this one} c}Ursela the sea witch.

Over to you Marsha...

This is an appropriate question since I’m certainly the Muse mermaid expert, having written Tears on a Tranquil Lake, a love triangle/adventure among a mermaid, a merman, and a pirate captain.
My taste in movies, actors, and actresses tends to be rather quirky. While Ariel is a sweet character, I’d likely select an actress capable of some spunk, wittiness, and dimension alongside her caring gentleness. My first choice would be Drew Barrymore. My second choice would be Renee Zellweger.
For Prince Eric it’s an easy choice--Johnny Depp. He’s one actor who can be convincing, charming, and funny in a fantasy setting and plenty sexy at the same time. I write fantasy romance and through five books, I have yet to not find a role for that man’s intriguing personality. The upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has mermaids! Yeah! Cannot wait!
For Usela, another no brainer—Helena Bonham Carter. Who else could be crazy, wacky, devilish enough? And to hold her own with Mr. Depp? And to feel totally comfortable in a wild tentacled costume?

Mmm...interesting choices, Marsha. Thank you for your'professional' input.
What to know more about Miss Moore? Read on...
Marsha A. Moore is a romantic and a writer of fantasy romance. She loves being creative and enjoying the creativity of others in all art forms. Her other artistic pursuits include watercolor painting and drawing. She moved from Toledo to Tampa in 2008 and is happily transforming into a Floridian. Crazy about cycling, she usually passes the 1,000 mile mark yearly. She is learning kayaking and loving it. She’s also a yoga enthusiast and never has enough days spent at the beach, usually scribbling away at new stories with toes wiggling in the sand.

Tears on a Tranquil Lake:

What a surprise for a young woman, to find herself suddenly transformed into a mermaid.
Ciel’s first thought – track down the merman who changed her and make him reverse his magic.
Unable to find him, survival in her new world becomes paramount. She eagerly accepts help from a dashing pirate captain who takes a fancy to her, lavishing her with finery. When her merman does show up, he competes for her affection. One look into his eyes makes her life more complex -- he is her soul mate.
Which man will she choose – pirate captain or merman? Which life – human or mermaid? Caribbean adventures and dangers chase Ciel as she searches for decisions and the key to her happiness.

Warning: This book contains Haitian vodou, sultry wenches, foul-mouthed scalliwag pirates, overindulgence of fine Caribbean rum, and amorous encounters on deserted beaches.

ISBN: 978-1-926931-29-6

Hooked? Read a short excerpt...
Excerpt from Chapter 1, Tears on a Tranquil Lake, fantasy romance

The ‘gator wanted to drown me….make me an easier meal. A chill passed through my body and I shivered. Feverish heat built up inside me, spreading from my head and torso down my limbs. Eventually the wild drumbeat of my heart obliterated everything. I panicked and tried to move, but lacked control of my muscles. Immobile and helpless, I could only listen. The throbbing pulse dimmed as the lake’s waters claimed my life. I submitted…mind blank to all except the faint thump. For an immeasurably long time I heard its rhythm fading away. Seconds or dozens of minutes, I didn't know; altered perception foiled my judgment. Then, a touch against my face—shattering my delirium.Fear engulfed my barely conscious mind. What was it? Death seemed welcome compared to experiencing an alligator attack upon my body.
Something soft caressed my lips, not at all like hard reptilian scales. My sense of touch heightened. Encouraged by returning consciousness, I struggled against the darkness. My eyes searched, yet still failed to see.
Soon, I understood the feeling of lips pressing upon mine. Their burning heat made me panic. I tried to jerk back, but had no muscle control, no way to resist. They forced my lips apart, and a fiery tongue thrust inside my mouth.
In short time my limbs tingled with renewed sensation. Attempting to thrash my arms, I found them both secured.The mysterious tongue persisted, searing my own.
Strangely, the warmth moved across my entire body and I calmed, mesmerized by this unusual kiss. In some curious manner it restored my consciousness. Peacefulness spread over me, and I accepted this connection as my life force. Our kiss grew pleasurable and I slipped my tongue along the other. Waves of passion rippled through my body and I desired whatever being touched me. Wanting to know more, I opened my eyes. Light pained my limited vision.
A hazy image flashed in front of me.
I pulled back, ending the kiss and viewed a sweep of dark hair turning away, moving up toward the surface.
Marsha's links..

So, folks, there you have it; an insight into Marsha's world. Who would you choose to play Areil? Please leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Tranquil and tune in next Monday when Killarney Sheffield will be here to battle with whatever task my devious mind can come up with.


  1. Fun questions and fun choices for the actors and actresses. I've read Tears on A Tranquil Lake - and it is a great read with an excellent twist ending. Thanks for sharing, ladies.

  2. Sounds like a movie I might like. Although I'm not much into fantasy. I love your character choices.

  3. Thanks, Kay Dee and Roseanne! At dinner I told my husband my actor/actress choices. He wasn't the least surprised. I'd like to see my version of The Little Mermaid too, Ro!

  4. Okay, so this would be my take on the movie. For Usela, I could just see Bette Midler playing that role. Ariel mmmm, I quite fancy Emma Watson {Hermoine - Harry Potter}Put a bit of feist into the role. Now, for the Prince - Robert Pattison, a touch of English cool.

  5. Hi Marsha,
    I enjoyed your excerpt! I have never read a story with mermaids but I have to say yours has peaked my interest. I also like the first person POV, it pulled me into the story. I definitely need to make it over to the Muse store (I may just wander there today).
    It was nice getting to know you a little. Outside of writing you seem to pursue a lot of exciting and very energetic experiences! Best of luck.

  6. Hi Jenna! Thanks for your interest.

    Viv, Emma Watson seems good to me also. I struggled to find the perfect actress for Ariel. Bette is campy, which I like, but not weird enough to suit me. But English cool...ick! No way! ;-)

  7. Hi, ladies. Must admit I missed this one, but no more. TOATL is totally on my A and R list. (acquire and read) As a former proffessional musician, I admit to being fascinated with the music the impressionists came up with that involved mermaids. Now Marsha has brought them to life! Good job, lady!
    Pat Dale

  8. Oh, Johnny Depp, yes, no question about it. As for the ladies, not sure about Drew but Renee for sure. I can see her as a mermaid.

    And I totally loved this interview, very different,and a fun read. Great job, ladies!

  9. Thanks lots, Pat!

    Lea, glad to have your support with my choice of Johnny Depp. Don't know what Viv was thinking! ;-) It was a very fun interview!

  10. excuse me, ladies but I always thouth the Prince a bit of a wimp. Ok, no Robert, Will you settle for Enrique Inglesius?

  11. Just had a brainwave for Ursela. Lady Gaga all the way. She would look so good in an octopus frock and the movie soundtrack would have all those mermaids and men rockin

  12. Do I hear that Brit is not cool? Hmmm..not sure what to make of that. Our dear Viv is an ex-pat of Old Blighty.

    I'm thinking of the scene from 300 (filmed under water) where the oracle undulates--hair and garments liquid ballet. Now that would be awesome visuals for your book turned film, Marsha.

  13. You're onto something with Lady Gaga! I can picture her in the costume just fine! Great idea.

  14. That's if the Pope doesn't strike her down first.Lol. Some folk just have no sense of humour

  15. OK, I'm only going to answer for one--Ariel--an actress I have actually seen play a mermaid! Alyssa Milano, from Charmed, did a two-part episode where she was transformed into a mermaid by a spell gone awry, and she did a great job.

    I must admit that I just watched the episode on DVD a few days ago, I have been slowly been buying up the season packages of the show. The Mermaid episode is on the season 5 package. Since I'm buying these it should be obvious that Charmed is one of my all-time favorite TV shows.

  16. A huge thanks to all who participated in the mad muse question.

  17. Johnny Depp is a great choice. I love all the characters he has played. He certainly will never be type cast. I have Tears on my Kindle and will be reading it soon. Sooner now that I have read this fun interiew..Best wishes.