Thursday, 14 April 2011


Morning all from Corfu,

Sorry I could not join you last week but, what with the 'visit', I had to do some spring cleaning.

Well, it’s Thursday blog hop time again, that wonderful day when we all get to answer a question in our blogs and then share. This week’s question is – what soft ware do you use when writing?
Being none too pc savvy, I had to think for a minute. Soft ware? That would be my comfy pyjamas. Being a bit of a cheat, I clicked on to blogs all ready posted and came away thinking, hell, I cannot compete with that. Okay, so I am not that ditsy. I do know all about word and windows media blah blah but I thought it would be fun to give you my tongue in cheek take on my most precious soft ware so here is my list of what soft ware is essential for my creative juices to flow.

First off - An essential that all authors, pubbed or aspiring need; a comfy 'soft' chair
After all, this is where I spend most of my time parked so it makes sense. Which brings me on to the nest soft essential. A nice, soft arse to hold up all that creative genius.

Comfy clothes are essential in this job.I spend all the winter dressed in a variety of my son's cast-off heavy metal t.shirts and pyjama bottoms. Lovely soft material

Now I am dressed, time for a crispy soft croissant and coffee

Before I begin, its time for my morning meeting with my agent. He is one of the softest agents I know

Okay, so now I am set to rattle off a couple of masterpieces before it is time for a lovely soft piece of cake and a cup of tea

Time for a bit of soft music from the lovely Darren{ you can't get any smoother or softer than him}

Which brings me on the highlight of my day. A beautiful soft pita all washed down bu a soft golden glass of mythos beer.

Of course by the now, I am exhausted from negotiating my way around all the soft ware I need to sustain me through my writing so time to fall into bed and dream up my next plot, staring the man with some of the sexiest eyes and softest lips on the planet.

Well, folks. I hope this answered the blog question. I have to say, I am a great fan of software.

See ya,



  1. Love all the "software" that helps you write, particularly the soft lips variety. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. 'soft music from the lovely Darren'. How do you get any work done at all? :)

  3. @diane. Mr.Hayes is my inspiration
    @Gabrielle. I am thinkingof writing a whole novel about Mr. Craig's lips

  4. LOL Sir Maximus looks so soft and cuddly. Very funny take, Viviane

  5. Too funny! I love Sir Maximus also. I don't think I'd get any work done at all. The only thing I'd want to do is cuddle with Sir Maximus and listen to music!

    Lawna Mackie

  6. I've decided if my future agent doesn't look like yours, I'm not accepting him! LOL

    Rushing off to put on my soft pjs, so I can eat a a crispy soft croissant and drink coffee, in pure, luxurious soft, and squishy comfort! :)

    fun post!

  7. A good chair is hard to find, lol. Great tools, and I heartily agree. Love your agent! :)

  8. OMG, girl you're a hoot. You're my kind of software expert. I'll call you next time I need help. Just answer one question...where did you get the picture of my butt?