Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday Muser's Mad Question Time

So, I am a tad embarrassed. My guest for this week did not show. Rather than upset my question schedule, I am opening the question as a free for all. Anyone who wishes to post an answer to this week's wacky question, go for it. Prize for best answer will be a free download of my Dreamweek.

Here goes....

You have just landed the job of Simon Cowell's assistent. His new project is to form a boy band. Your goal - to find him five contenders to take a spot in the band. Easy? Here is the catch. You must choose from the world's most important leaders to find your five. Have fun



  1. So by leaders I take it to mean people who run countries. You didn't say past or present. Okay, let's start with
    Tony Blair
    Geo. W. Bush
    Stephan Harper
    Julia Gillard
    Bill Clinton

    If that's not what you meant, I apologize.

  2. Ok, Roseanne. I am not letting you off so easily. First off, Julia is a girl but never mind that. We can dres sher up. Can you give me a reason for picking this bunch. I get Bill {saxophone and all that} but the others?Good first effort, though


  3. Oh, so they all have to be musically inclined. Gees you drive a hard bargain. I picked this group because I didn't know any other leaders. I figured the girl could be the lead singer. I guess I didn't read the question as closely as I should have, boy band, doh. sorry. Okay, I honestly don't know Lany other leaders who have musical ability other than Bill Clinton. I guess I'll have to go digging. They have to be leaders - but you didn't say of what.
    Let's add Huckabee to the mix, he used to be a governor (that's a state leader) he plays the guitar.
    I guess I can only come up with two.

  4. You just described 'mission impossible', my dear. So called world leaders are just that because they have no discernable talent other than to get out in front of the parade. If I were in this spot, I'd resign and go beg to be added to the staff of 'American Idol'. LOL
    Pat Dale

  5. Pat and funny!!! Artists shouldn't be leaders, however, IMHO. We're a passionate bunch but such shouldn't a leader be born, too much diversity to serve a people as a whole.

    Love Simon Cowell and he'd be a tough man to please which makes respect for his position that much more firm in my mind. In essence, Viv. I don't know. I'll be interested to check back later for other thoughts.

  6. Stephen Harper sings and writes songs
    Barack Obama cute butt
    Prince William hot news item, good for PR and a HOTTIE
    Ralpk Klien ex Premier of Alberta, always good for a laugh
    Bill Clinton somebody has to supply the music

    Although I guess we could just go Mille Vanilli and do air guitar and lip sync

  7. Hi Viv,

    Fun Question. Here's my take.

    Prince William - cause he's a hunk
    Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum - also a hunk
    Representative Aaron Schock
    Senator Shane Massey
    Senator Marco Rubio

    Does it matter if any of them can play an instrument. They're hunks! Kind of like the Back-Street Boys, it's the looks of the can teach them do what you want. Give the public the hunks and the money will follow. ;-)
    C.K. Volnek

  8. good answers, folks. So here is my take. We def need Obama for the coold dude smooth intelligent one {as in Gary Barlow Take That member} Bill Clinton{bad boy Robbie Williams} Sarkozey {just coz he is French and so sexy - even though he is short.} Col Gadaffi {the eccentric one with weird wardrobe} and finally, the boy next door dumb one. Sorry, folks - its got to be George Doublya.

    Keep em coming, folks.

  9. I don't know about picking a new boy band. Aren't world leaders kinda over the hill to be boys??