Thursday, 31 March 2011


I have never really got to terms with all these different genres now floating around the writing world. For me, anything that has a love interest present is romantic and when I was a mere lowly reader, as opposed to an even merer and lowlier author, I didn’t give two willies about genre. I picked up a book, read the blurb and if it tweaked my interest, I bought it. Too much analyzing, folks: Romantic fiction, contemporary romance, suspense, historical suspense, futuristic suspense, futuristic romance with flash backs to historical. Chick lit, mummy lit, manny lit, nanny lit, Erotic, Erotica, paranormal, historical suspense, and romantic erotic starring aliens from outer space – gay aliens at that all dressed up as cowboys. Anyway, barring the outer space angle, I think Tolkien pretty much covered everything in Lord of the Rings.

I think I will create a new category. How about; anything I bloody want it to be romance coz its fantastic and you ought to buy it? Have I answered this question? Probably not but I have had fun trying. Back to work I go on my romance whatever it turns into and if any agent or publisher is reading this - I plead insanity.



  1. Good luck! I usually write what I'm in the mood for and worry about the genre later. :)

  2. "anything I bloody want it to be romance coz its fantastic and you ought to buy it" Love the new genre! There with ya! Mix them all up and call my novel romance soup - served hot! LOL

  3. I agree, readers probably don't give a hoot about genre. Authors only do because pubs won't know how to market it. Or say they won't.

  4. I like it! I want to write i your genre, although Tolkien was a little light on the romance. That is my opinion though. Great, out of the box post!