Saturday, 12 March 2011


Is it Six Sentence Sunday time again? Doesn't time fly when one is having fun? A glorious week of writing, editing, blogging, promo-ing all mixed in with the occasional bout of mother and wifely duties and the odd beer. Who needs a day job - not me.
Today I have gone to my February releas, Fragile Dreams, for today's six.

Suddenly it was hard to breath. Her grandmother’s words drowned all reason. There will be a time in your life, girl, when the world will stop turning, even albeit for a second, when you know your life will never be the same again. It will be the time when you lose ownership of your heart and soul, entrusting it to the care of someone, even if that person may not even realize you have done so. Maybe they don’t want that responsibility but, nevertheless, your happiness will be in their hands. Wise woman, her grandmother.

I want to ask the question - was it like that for you? Is there such a thing as love at first sight? I know we all write about it? The best answer will win free download of Fragile Dreams.

Here is a blurb and excerpt to get you in the mood

Introducing Elysiana Rouva and the young Michael. Drawn together by an inexplicable bond, they share so much more than mere physical attraction. Ellie is at the point where she is questioning her life. Recently overcoming a long, hard battle with breast cancer, she is vulnerable and depressed. Her husband Pavlos, although outwardly supportive, provides her with no real comfort. Their marriage is a farce. She no longer loves him and is not threatened by his numerous affairs or his obsession with his work. Her friends say all the right words but she cannot make them understand.
Enter Michael. Michael becomes Ellie’s salvation. The young man Pavlos sends to tend their garden turns Ellie’s world on its head. As for Michael, Ellie provides escape from a past clouded with bad memories. Can she rid his heart of so much betrayal?
“You didn’t eat much.”
“Oh you know how it is.” She feigned detachment although her heart raced. This was not the time to ruin the evening. She was having too much fun. “It’s just when I cook… well I tend to taste everything and then….well I’m not hungry and…I have been ill.” Oh God, why had she said it? The words had slipped away from her like a slippery eel on the end of a rod, out of her box of pride. She had no desire to court sympathy, especially his.
His quiet I know caught her square on the chin. “How?” Her defensive comeback betrayed suspicion.
“I just know.”
Breath froze her lungs. He reached across the pale lilac damask table-cloth and covered her hand with his, touch electric, cool fingers caressing her too-warm skin.
“No one told me.” His tenderness made her head swim. “I can read it in your eyes.”
It wasn’t the answer she’d expected.
“You’re so sad,” he continued, words cradling her senses, soft as goose down. “Tired of life.”
Ellie couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t speak.
He went on, tone seductive. “I understand, you see. I understand because my sister had the same look. She suffered but, like you, she was a fighter. She had strength. I know you too have that strength. Use it. Don’t give up. You will be ok.”
And still he cradled her hand in a cool clasp, thumb tracing snowflake patterns on her palm. It was too surreal and yet his intensity didn’t frighten her. He breathed sincerity.
“She died, didn’t she?”
Pain flickered in his eyes, giving her the answer.
“She did.” His return was unfaltering. “But you won’t.”
“How can you be so sure?” She held his gaze, challenging him to reassure her.
“Because…” He smiled. “I won’t let you.”

The One Hundred Romance Project Review:
I loved everything about this story. The characters were so vivid and so real that they felt like old friends. It was so easy to feel for Ellie – her bitterness was palpable, her loneliness was haunting, her feelings of hurt, betrayal, and love ran so deep that it felt like I was experiencing the same things. This was really just a beautiful, poignant piece that I absolutely want to read again and again.

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  1. Wise woman, indeed. Yes, I believe in love at first sight. For me, the earth did NOT move. It was more like a feeling of calm, a feeling of completeness. We clicked immediately - as if we'd known each other our whole lives. 19 years now and he still makes me laugh harder than anyone.


  2. Wow that was a great snippet. Very descriptive. Definitely a wise woman :-)

  3. nice 6! Love at first sight? Hmm, it's definitely a "feeling or sensation" at first sight :-)

  4. The grandmother's words were beautiful!

  5. Her grandmother should have been around to warn me of that a few years ago. The first time I laid eyes on my husband, I felt the world shift around me. It was like everything else became ethereal, and he was the only solid thing in the world...

  6. Great choice today Viv. This is a topic

    we could we write an entire series of blog about.

  7. Grandmothers are so wise, aren't they? I miss mine greatly. Wonderful six!

  8. I love the grandmother. What a wise woman. Is there love at first site. I believe there is. Did it happen to me? Alas, no.

  9. Nice six! I like to believe that there is love at first sight though I have never experienced it.

  10. Beautiful six! Love the emotion it stirs.

  11. I love your character's introspection, even if I don't believe in love at first sight. Great six!

  12. It all happened very fast, I realised it only after I gave my telephone number. Everything moved around me, between the rays of sun, the grains of sand taken by the cool mediteranean breeze and the refreshing sea water around. Our eyes met.... and on a beach full of german and english people, 2 speaking french-people managed to get together without saying a word.... after 4 years I realise how my life changed from that moment. Sometime life beats the best written scenarios ever

  13. Fab six, and yes, Grandmother is a wise woman indeed...she knows what she's talking about :)