Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Fragile Dreams Wins Best First Chapter

Good evening to you I am thrilled to announce that my single title contemporary romance, fragile Dreams has won best first Chapter, best cover, best first and last line over. It is indeed an honour, especially since my first book in the Dream series, Dreamweek, also won this completion last May. To celebrate, I am running a little competion I will post an excerpt from Fragile Dreams, a descriptive passage that evokes the magic that is Greece. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what you imagine when you think of Greece. The best comment will win a free digital copy of Dreamweek. Please check back to my blog tomorrow. I will post the winning comment at 1pm EST.

Godd luck,

. The party had spilled out onto the terrace. Pool-side tables bathed in the soft light of Chinese lanterns, the balmy evening humming with easy chatter and clinking of glasses. Beyond the terrace balustrade, the navy Ionian Sea glittered under the incandescent light of a full moon. The sound of gentle surf rolling onto shore carried up on the kind breeze. Ellie knew where she wanted to be. Slipping off her ridiculously too-high sandals, she headed for the steps leading to the beach below.
The stretch of cool sand was raked and already laid out in fine military style, ready for the morning barrage of eager tourists. Gaudy sun beds stretched out in rows, spaces between measured to an exact inch. Well, it was a German
owned hotel, Ellie mused. From above, the noise and laughter filtered down. Was there no escape?
Shoes in hand, she walked along the shoreline until she reached the colossal black edifice separating the hotel‘s private beach from the picture perfect cove Ellie knew lay beyond. The rocks formed a natural barrier between tranquility and the frivolity going on above.
Ellie paddled in the cool surf, not caring that her expensive designer gown might get wet. Carefully she negotiated the smooth and slippery slabs of flat rock lurking below the water‘s surface. It was worth the risk of falling flat on her face. The tiny cove was heaven on earth, its gold dust sand cool between her toes. Head thrown back, she breathed in, the tangy brine of the sea filling her nostrils. How bitter-sweet. A lover‘s paradise but no lover with whom to share it.
Sighing her regret to the wind, she sank to the ground. Arms folded around drawn up knees, she stared out to sea. The gentle hush of the swell hypnotized, soothing her troubled mind. Closing her eyes, she drifted into her world of make-believe.


  1. Well this is no fair and I thus recuse myself from official entry in this contest...lol. Not only have I been to Corfu, but I know your story too well..lol.

    I think of you when I think of Greece, of course! You and your family/friends are the only folks I know there. I do have to admit visions of Santorini seep into my consciousness when I think of Greece. It is the most gloriously surreal place I have ever been. COuld not have designed a more beautiful locale if I tried.

    I also think of the Greek salad and perfectly seared lamb I had at the little place down from the hotel on Corfu. Multi layered patios, plants and diaphonous curtains swaying in the breeze, it was a lunch not soon forgotten. That sea breeze is welcome indeed during the heat of the day and the opportunity to have a meal that makes the tastebuds pop along with a Mythos--well---magic!

  2. Hi dear Viviane!

    Greece: white houses and narrow streets, a smell of freshly baked bread with sesame (or is it koulouri), golden light slanting on the sea, distant mountains, crisp cool air, girls having frappe on benches in small squares, old churches, lots of lounging cats and pigeons, lots of smog and small motorcycles, dirty sidewalks and small kiosks on street corners covered in magazines and newspapers - clear blue skies.
    I love Greece. :-)
    And your excerpt is great.

  3. It makes me think of: the heady scent of gardenias on warm summers evenings, romantic strolls along shingle beaches, a crystal blue ocean, cloudless skies, the sound of gentle waves lapping against the shoreline, skinny-dipping under the stars, the the Aspi Mera being played in a local taverna, olive groves, walnut trees, the sound of crickets, little lizards scurrying up walls, being young and being in love, laughing (and sometimes crying) with friends, beautiful churches, narrow streets, tanned skin & firm bodies, a small yellow car, a picnic on the beach, a little fishing boat, ouzo with lemonade, and feeling truly content and happy.

    Congrats on all the awards - x

  4. Congrats!! I've just posted your book cover entry for Written in Stone! you are prob in bed now, I should be - but I am very excited for you! Great news and well deserved, Viv!

    I think of YOU first when I think of Greece, then Corfu Castle where I went on holiday abroad for the first time with my parents! And then 3rd comes Nuts in May - an old British comedy film where they also visited Cor fu Castle. Very funny, and very 70's.

    According to WIKI - Nuts in May is a television film devised and directed by Mike Leigh, originally broadcast as part of the BBC's Play for Today series on 13 January 1976.[1] It is the comical story of a nature-loving and rather self-righteous couple's exhausting battle to enjoy what they perceive to be the idyllic camping holiday. Misunderstandings, awkward clashes of values and explosive conflicts occur when less high-minded guests pitch their tents nearby.

    Have you seen it?


  5. wonderful description of a warm summer night on a greek isle. have nothing to add. you can be in love, on nights like these, you are not allowed to be lonely, even when you are alone. it's that special magic of greek summer that captivates you. greece is a messy place, but we still live in this forsaken place because of summer nights on deserted beaches! excellently presented!