Saturday, 16 October 2010

Three Little Words

– summer is over. My work as receptionist extraordinaire is done. How do I feel? Pretty much out of sorts. It’s a strange thing, this season business. For all of you who live on an island, you will understand where I am coming from. For those who live relatively ‘normal’ lives, let me explain.
Our year is divided into two; winter: endless days of damp and torrential rain, log fires and cozy night in with dull TV. Summer – a time of sweltering days, balmy nights and cold beers with friends. Did I mention the grueling months of working within the tourist industry? Most of my friends do, in some capacity or other: repping, hotel work, airport work, car hire. It can be fun and certainly never dull. What it is is stressful. We work long hours with a hundred and one problems to deal with.
I used to be a holiday representative but, now, I am employed as a hotel reception in a small, family run business. I call it repping in one place. Our guests are mainly Greeks from the mainland and a few Serbs.
For the most part I enjoy it but after a few days, I find myself becoming institutionalized. Four months with no day off tends to have this effect. I find all the promises I made at the beginning of the season go out the window. I won’t neglect my writing, I will write a blog on a regular basis, I will cook great meals and stay on top of things. Sadly, it never works out. My mind is consumed with hotel problems. My literary brain cells go into hibernation. I promise myself…tomorrow, tomorrow. Tomorrow never seems to come.
This summer, I started off well, brimming with enthusiasm for a new story line I had. In the quiet hours of the afternoon shift, I managed to get down more than half of the tale. And then…brain shut down. Real life kicked in and then some. Suffice to say, I became distracted. Reality was suddenly more interesting than my imaginary romance but that is another tale. As the weeks turned into months, writer Viv was a faint memory.
And now? Summer is gone and where do I find myself? As I said at the beginning of this post, out of sorts, a little like an inmate released from a prison sentence. I am trying to find my muse; it’s around somewhere. The fact that I am attempting to write this blog is progress but, of course, I am rambling, as usual. The blog is supposed to be about those famous {or infamous} three little words.

I love you. I love you. My question is…but do you? Do you really?
In these times of new age, touchy feely claptrap, the words, I love you, are used too often, so indiscriminately and with little thought behind their meaning. When someone tells you he/she loves you – be it as a lover or a friend – they ought to realize this declaration carries a lot of responsibility. At least it should – especially if they know the recipient of their supposed affection really cares for them. As I said, it is an expression bantered around too lightly. What does it mean – I love you? I know what it should mean. It means you will never willingly hurt the person you love. You will never lie to them, deceive them or lead them on to expect more than you are capable of giving. It means wanting to be with them as much as your time allows. It doesn’t mean playing games or trying or be cool to play hard to get. Above all, it should stand for honesty and loyalty. I reiterate, I am not only discussing romantic love, here. I believe the same rules apply in friendship – another much- misappropriated term. My best friend. We are friends. Are we? Are we really – or are we acquaintances that get together once in a while. Can I depend on you in times of personal crisis? Will you always be there for me and be sensitive to my feelings as I am to yours?
I am fortunate to have what I consider one true best friend who meets all of the above and the funny thing is, I have not known this person as long as those who I used to consider my ‘best’ friends but , from day one, there was an inexplicable connection. This friend taught me the meaning of real friendship. That’s not to say all is always roses between us. We argue and bicker like an old married couple but I know said friend is always there for me. This friend truly does love me and I return the compliment. It’s a wonderful feeling.
So, that’s it for this Saturday. I am quite proud of myself for getting this blog out. Next week, I will be discussing what it truly means to be broken hearted. Thanks for listening.


  1. Viviane, great blog, honest feelings constructed in a tantalizing way, like the good writer you are. Welcome back. We've missed you.

  2. ..and one, no two, Californians at your little hotel. ;)

    You are right about the love bit. Would enjoy more of your thoughts on the subject as it has been much on my mind as of late as well.

    Thanks for sharing what you have done.

    Your far distant but ever friend.

  3. great post, a good begining..; and ofcourse waiting for the new one.
    i loved the last part..... awesome even that i bet that life at the "chateux" could be sometines interesting and fun....

    PS usaly the first one is the hardest but the next ones will come morea easy.

  4. this is your first blog i have read..your writing is interesting and by reading it carefully i could say it is based by everyday factors we seem to take for granted or neglect for whatever reasons..godd writing keeps the interest going..GO VIVIAN XX